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2023 Membership Information

2023 Annual Membership Fee: $190.00 + HST = $218.50

*NEW THIS YEAR - Seasonal Business Annual Fee: $150 + HST = $172.50
(Seasonal business is a business that is in operation for 6 months or less)

If you own and wish to register more than one business:
2nd Business (savings of 50%)
3rd or more Business (savings of 70%) 

Prices are in Canadian funds.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Cash, Cheque and E-transfer.

Please call 902-836-3209 to process your Credit Card payments.

Send E-transfer payment to

We are updating our files!

Please fill out the Membership forms and return them to the office.

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Membership Code of Conduct

As a Member of the Kensington & Area Chamber of Commerce, I/we recognize that membership is a privilege and that a membership brings with it the responsibility to assure that all members understand and commit to the following membership undertaking.

The code of conduct shall, without limitation, require members to:

* Conduct business and professional activities in a reputable manner so as to reflect honorably upon the business community
* Respect the reputation, profile and status of the Kensington & Area Chamber of Commerce, and represent the Chamber accordingly
* Understand, support and promote the Kensington & Area Chamber of Commerce
* Cooperate with fellow members in the application of this Code of Conduct
* Whenever reasonably possible, participate in the functions and activities of the Chamber
* Promote the enhancement of business growth within Kensington and area;
*Observe the highest standards of ethics in rendering services and/or offering products for sale, based on the members own knowledge and expertise
* Refrain from engaging in any practices prohibited by law or seeking unfair advantage over fellow members
* Refrain from publicly criticizing the business practices of fellow members and refrain from condoning or engaging in unethical practices.

I/we also understand that the failure to adhere to the professional and personal obligations of the Kensington & Area Chamber of Commerce, as outlined above, can result in the termination of my/our membership.

 Let us serve you personally
Please email or call the Chamber Office at 902-836-3209
and we will complete your registration with you!!

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