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The Chambers have struggled in the past for a way to manage Chamber members to offer special discounts to fellow Chamber members. We are excited to have found a solution and three of the Prince County Chambers are now all active on the app. You as a business owner, can choose if you want to offer perks, if you want to offer them to only our Chamber members, all Chamber members that are on the app, the general public or just to your employees. You can even choose if you would only like to offer perks on certain days of the week, whatever you think would help bring in extra business while offering an attractive offer!


We are thrilled to announce that the Chamber Perks Mobile App is now live for the Kensington Chamber to all our valued chamber members, and we are offering this incredible marketing tool for FREE as part of your chamber membership!


The Chamber Perks Mobile App is designed to elevate your brand awareness, expand your network, and boost sales in our local community and expanding markets across Canada. We have already added our paying members company profile to the app's business directory, allowing chamber members, their employees, and the public to quickly locate your company using the app's search and map features. 


The Chamber Perks App is now being used in multiple cities in Ontario, Nova Scotia, PEI, and soon in New Brunswick. There will be some joint promotion between the Island Chambers to promote this app to our Chamber members, the local community and the general public.


Using the app, users can, with a simple tap, connect directly to your website and social media accounts and even contact you via email or phone. This feature aims to increase your followers and engagement, fostering greater visibility and engagement for your company.


Furthermore, your company will soon be able to offer unique perks (or discounts) to other local chamber members, their employees, and, if you choose, even to the public. This option allows you to expand your marketing reach beyond our local chamber business and into other participating chamber businesses and their employees across different locations.


If your company cannot offer perks, no worries. Encouraging your company’s employees to download the Chamber Perks App will not only help them save money with perks provided exclusively by local chamber members but also allow them to redeem perks and save money from other chamber businesses in participating cities. 


As a Chamber Perks App user, your business can also create private employee perks exclusively available to your team members who have downloaded the app. This additional feature provides a unique advantage for your employees, fostering a sense of appreciation and loyalty within your company.

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