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Why join the Chamber?

When contemplating if you should join the chamber or not, you should consider these few answers to these questions that you may be asking yourself before making your decision . 

How does the Kensington and Area Chamber help promote my business?

We promote your business by providing offers, one of the offers is having the chance of being the Member of the Week, which will promote your business through social media posts and SPUD FM interviews to inform people on your business. We also offer businesses to join our Chamber Perks App, which will offer you unique perks and allows to expand your marketing and reach beyond our local chamber businesses. 

Will my business gain a better connection to my community?

Absolutely, when becoming a member your business will gain a stronger connection to your community that you as a business owner/ operator can't do on your own.  

Will my business gain support when joining or becoming a member, of the Kensington and Area Chamber?

Yes, if you join or become a member within the Chamber you and your business will gain endless support. Such as accessing advertising support, advocacy support, community support and insurance support. 

What are some opportunities I will gain?

The opportunities are endless when joining or becoming a member. Some of the opportunities you will gain include advertising opportunities, networking opportunities, sponsorship opportunities. You can also take part in our events such as business mixers, monthly newsletters, participate in golf tournaments and business of excellence awards! 

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