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Chamber Group Health Insurance 

Operating since the early 1970s, Chambers Plan now provides coverage to over 30,000 firms like yours. Regardless of the size of your organization Chambers Plan can be customized to meet your needs, request a free quote today and let us show you how we can customize a plan for you.

Coverage can be tailored to suit your needs. Customize your plan selecting form a wide range of coverage – life, health, dental, disability, critical illness, and much more! As well, Chamber Plan members have access to my-benefits® an online management tool. This tool allows you to administer your plan anywhere, anytime.


At no extra cost, every plan comes with Chambers Plan’s Business Assistance Program, access to Teladoc® and access to the Best Doctors® program, a truly valuable resource. The Best Doctors® program helps members get a second opinion and advice from some of the world’s leading medical experts in a wide range of medical fields. The Teladoc® telemedicine service helps firms/employees consult with a physician about non-urgent medial matters by video conference or by phone, in Canada or the U.S., 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Chambers Plan is proud to deliver these services available to every one of your employees. It is just one more example of the value Chambers Plan can provide we can find a plan that is right for you!

Flexible Options: Life insurance is the core benefit for all firms. Companies with 1-4 people must also choose a disability benefit. All other benefits are yours to select, each offering a wide range of options.

  • Life Insurance/Accidental Death & Dismemberment

  • Short-Term Disability

  • Long-Term Disability

  • Dental-Basic, major and (for firms with 10 or more people) orthodontics

  • Health-semi-private hospital, prescription drug, out of country, paramedics, vision care

  • Employee Assistance Counselling

  • Registered Retirement Savings Plan

If your year-round business has been operating for at least 6 months, you’re eligible to apply. While your firms is covered, it must be a member of one of 800 participating Chamber of Commerce and Boards of Trade. In firms with 5+ people, everyone under age 65 is guaranteed coverage. In firms with 1-4 people, each person completes a health questionnaire for review by the insurer. 

Your local representative will help you match your current benefit program or build a new one to suit your needs. You’ll enjoy:

  • A comprehensive administration guide

  • Clear, easy to use forms

  • Toll-free phone and fax line access to our national service centre, available to everyone in your firm

  • Health and dental payments typically processed within 48 hours of the time we receive the claim


For more information and to get a quote click the link down below
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